I often go there, to the harbour at Kalk Bay, and wait for the sun to begin its ascent over the bay; and to watch the fishermen lined up on the walls; to hear the screech of seagulls and the guffaw of seals waking up on the steps going down to the harbour water. Why do I do photography? Because it gives me the excuse to get out into places like this, to engage the senses and to bring me meaning that is deeper than than the narrow confines of an artificial life. 
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Weddings, Events, (Matric Dance, Confirmations, Baptisms, Fashion Events, Breaking News, etc.), Family Photoshoots, Wall art and Landscapes, Property Photography, videography and training Estate Agents in cell phone photography of their properties - and more.

I love diversity, please give me a call.

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Cape Town, South Africa
Charles Henry Mercer
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