Charles Henry Mercer

From the age of 10, Charles Mercer was fascinated by photography. There was something magical about pressing the shutter and stopping time, even in those years. Born in Zimbabwe he came to Cape Town and has been here, in this photogenic space, for many years.
Charles only found out about his link to photography in terms of the family recently. He discovered that his great-grandfather was a photographer in New Zealand and in later life, in Bulawayo in Rhodesia in 1900. His grandfather ran a postcard shop on the main road, doing all the graphics and photography for his business. His now famous photos are lodged in the archives in the capital, Harare.
Charles has had a varied life, from running a small advertising agency, to pastoring a few churches, and later to taking up his passion for both people and art, by becoming a photographic coach. Hundreds of students have passed through his doors, and he has been delighted that many of them have taken up photography as a career.
The love of his life is being out in nature alone, finding beauty and peace at the same time. Passing on this peace in terms of training others in this glorious way of therapy is his delight.

Charles Mercer
Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa ​​​​​​​
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