One of the top 5 reasons people give for wanting a holiday is to relieve the stress that has built up over the past year. In that case, your image of the bedroom is most important.

Second in importance to the bedroom is the bathroom; yet the bathroom is often the place the photographer spends the least time. 

"Warm and welcoming" is the way to go. Some houses are architectural masterpieces and might lack the sense of homeliness. Counter this by photographing the exterior at night. 

"Leading lines" in any composition are important ways of leading the client to a focal point, in this case, a luxurious bedroom just off the pool.

Always try a few shots and don't be afraid to come in closer, or use a longer focal length. Here, the leading lines become even more powerful, drawing us into the lovely space where we can find rest. 

The use of symmetry is a wonderful compositional tool as it is easy on the eye and speaks of harmony and balance. 

This is an elevated image of the guest house and reveals what was hidden, inviting you to participate and become part of. I asked the owners to open all the doors and turn on all the lights, 

If there is a swimming pool, always look to see if you can use the reflections to create symmetry, raise the level in interest and create another dimension. 

The goal of every good property image is to achieve simplicity and harmony. 

Never be afraid to take an image of one of the items in a room. In this case, there were two wash-hand-basins to the right and because of the distortion of their shapes, I simply cropped them off. 

Try to assemble a still life that most represents the feel of the place you are photographing. It's all about representing the mood to a client. 

Create a sense of depth by photographing through two open spaces, making sure that it is not too cluttered. 

Thank you so much for sending us your enquiry. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Best Wishes, Charles.
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