"Weddings fascinate me. Over the years I have either conducted the ceremony, or taken the photographs. I now specialise in the photography side exclusively, and am always use every creative means to achieve the results that will please you. I have the very best equipment for the job, and am an expert editor. Call me on +27823789044 and we can discuss prices - you might be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and congratulations on choosing your life partner!"   
Also ask about my prices for professional videography - we do both and you won't be doubling the price. 
A wedding photographer should not just record the memories, also create the moment.​​​​​​​

Love is in the air, a private moment away from the guests, the tenderness shared with one another make for a special moment. 

Having fun together should never end and growing up in one's marriage should never happen. 

Listening to the minister with all the attention they could muster even their thoughts were probably not there at all. 

This beautiful person's face says it all 

Okay,  the wind was blowing a gale but no one really cared; the main thing was the thought of being together forever.

Relaxing in the lounge and away from the guests, this couple takes a moment to reflect on their amazing day together. 

Signing the register is an important part of realising just how important this day is. It's a symbol of trust and promise for a lifetime. It's a celebration of the promises which are about a lifetime of loyalty and trust. 

Dark forests with leafy floors are romantic places at the best of times. 

Please contact me and send me both your names and the area you are hoping to get married in. I do travel quite often in South Africa and depending on the state of the CORONA-19 virus, will be able to make a plan and combine work. 

Thank you!
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